Meet the photographer

What’s your story?

Self-portrait of Alejandro Peralta

What’s your story? How did you two meet? What brought you together?

We all have a unique story to tell and to share. Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to have our closest friends and family all together, in that 1 day, celebrating with you, for you, all sharing stories: A wedding day becomes then one of the most emotional and memorable days of our life, of your life.

When I photograph a wedding I am not just looking at it from my experience as a wedding photographer in North and South America, and Europe: I feed from my own feelings as a husband, a father, a son and a friend. When I photograph a wedding, I am looking for the stories, the details, anything that could, years ahead, bring you back in time, in emotions even if just with a single photograph.

Every time a bride and a groom trust me to tell their story and to capture their memories, I feel privileged . And every time I feel like it is my first wedding all over again. It’s a feeling I would never want to lose.

I want to tell yours too. Let’s do it!


Who am I?

I am a lucky guy. I have more dreams and plans than I dare to admit. I was born in the Tropic but love the snow. I was born by the sea and crave mountains and valleys. I am lucky of calling my passion my job and lucky to have met people from all “walks of life” and from all over the world. And above it all, I adore my family, especially my son when he reminds me what the meaning of life is: “Papa, Computer off”,  “Play with David. Papa, run papa, run!”

I love cameras and camera’s bags. Thanks to my rather good self-control I only own 6 camera bags and a trolley.

I am a perfectionist. (No further comments on that respect)

Extremes… Sometimes people don’t get how I can be such a couch potato today and then need to be out there on the mountains, backpacking, tomorrow.

Want to know more? Come, let’s arrange a chat, I always enjoy chatting about weddings and what not. What would you like to drink?

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