Bride and her father before the wedding - photojournalistic wedding photography

I am a storyteller. That’s what I am and what I love doing.

I want you and whoever looks at your album to know “exactly” what went down on your wedding: The laughs, the tears, the unforgettable big moments, the small ones that you didn’t see, or the ones that others didn’t see. To do so, I borrow from photojournalism, from my own vision, emotions and creativity and combine it all with a hint of traditional photography.

While I make sure that my style fits your wedding, I use elements from editorial fashion photography, (nominated as wedding photographer of the year 2015 – Bride Portrait), photojournalism (see photo above) and landscape and fine art photography (check wedding gallery for fine art wedding photography and landscape photography elements on my images)

I have my own way of telling your story. It is my vision and that makes it unique. All my photos have a story. If you want to know that one of the photo featured here, please check my blog in a near future.


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